Xtone by urbatek is the latest in porcelain large slab material from the world leading porcelanosa group.

XTONE provides a multitude of benefits, and performs better than quartz, marble, granite, and other common solid surfaces. It is an easily maintainable material that is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, heat and burns, thermal shock, scratching, water, and UV rays.

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raw dark 1540 x 3580 x 12mm

Raw dark. Darkened cement with a warm texture which invites touch.

bottega antracita nature 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Bottega Antracita has intense colour which gives strength, personality and magnetism to any space it is in.

aged clay 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Aged Clay emulates sandy grey calcitic marble on a uniform grainy background with sections featuring darker strata

nuba white 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Nuba White. An exuberant gem with a profusion of intense grey and black veining.

liem Black 1540 x 2380 x 12mm

Liem Black. This elegant black marble with fine white veining exudes sophistication.

bottega acero 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Bottega Acero is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Its grey/brown tones allows for diverse possibilities.

aria white 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Aria White. A majestic white marble with strong veining radiating energy.

ars beige 1540 x 2380 x 12mm

Ars Beige has a warm hue with fine overlapping veining in ivory which provides transparency and brightness.

porto grey 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Porto grey is inspired by Portobello marble with its typical crisscross veining.

lush white nature 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Lush white emulates the purity of snow white marble with subtle veining in a rich variety of shades.

Raw Smoke nature 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Raw smoke has a look of neutral cement with a burlap finish giving a warm texture which is inviting to touch. View a sample in our showroom.

moon white nature

Moon white stands out for its uniform white surface. A dazzling shade of white thanks to the use of top quality raw products

savage dark nature 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Savage Dark is dark grey with dominant shaded of tobacco with irregular grey and white branching veins.
Stocked in NZ

aged dark nature1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Aged Grey emulates dark grey calcitic marble with a predominant grainy appearance and sedimentary formations that create a contrasting veined pattern.
Stocked in NZ

kala white nature 1540 x 3280 x 12mm

Kala White is a tribute to the timeless beauty of luminous white marble, with clear grey veins on a background of finer veins.
Can be viewed in our showroom as a table top.
Stocked in NZ