Selecting The Right Tile

Floor and wall tiles

Floor tiles have higher mechanical strength than wall tiles. Therefore wall tiles should not be used for the floor, although floor tiles may be used for the walls.




We cater for all types of kitchens - residential and commercial. Our sales team will assist in selecting floor, wall and splashback combinations that will suit your needs while complementing your kitchen units.

Glass mosaics and glossy bright wall tiles add interest to a splashback design while being easy to keep clean. Floor tiles should be easy to keep clean and be stain resistant.

Entry, foyer, living and dining

These are generally busy high foot traffic areas. Tiles are perfect for these types of areas as they are easy to maintain and unlike other soft finishes, are more resilient to food spills, dirt and day to day living. Polished, matt or satin finishes are ideal for these areas. Choose tiles that compliment your space and soft furnishings.

Depending on the size of your area, choose a tile size and colour that will enhance the space. If you have a high ceiling with lots of natural light, you may want to look at a large format tile in contemporary earthy or grey tones; if your ceiling is of an average height, you may want to consider a light or warm tone to give the feeling of greater space.


There are no rules with what you can and cannot put on the floor and walls in a bathroom. If you have a south facing bathroom with minimal light, you should consider warm colours rather than anything too heavy and cold feeling

A mix of polished tiles on the walls and matt or satin on the floor are a timeless classic option. There is no reason though, why you cannot tile both the floor and wall with polished porcelain if you love the look and wish to continue the flow from floor to wall. Our team can guide you with your selection to best suit your needs and give you a look you will love forever.

Mosaics - glass & stone, are extremely popular as a full wall design or simple splashback behind your vanity or in the wet area of your shower and bath facade. A simple design introducing a mosaiac adds instant wow factor.




Tiles are highly suitable for external areas, as they are durable and can withstand the effects of water, detergents, frost, oil and dirt from vehicles.

Exterior tiles have a grip texture feel that offer low-slip options for pathways, entrances, decks and pool surrounds. They are also perfect for barbecue areas as they are easy to keep clean, being resilient to grease and spillages.

We have many different options available from the stone look porcelain through to light roccia colours that compliment exterior house colours and landscaped areas.